Create and Participate in Tournaments

Create tournaments on the fly with Swarmio’s automated tournament builder. Single and double elimination, map selection, automated knife rounds and map vetos. 1v1’s to 7v7’s on Swarmio’s lag optimized, high performance game servers. Create free tournaments or add a registration fee to contribute to a prize pool.

Own Your Team

Develop your roster, choose your logo, and join tournaments to win glory and prizes. Swarmio’s team creation allows you to create teams over multiple games, composed of as many players you wish to include, and choose your roster on a tournament to tournament basis.

PUGs and Matchmaking

Play anytime on Swarmio’s lagless infrastructure, with PUGs and Ranked matches. All stats and matches are saved on the Swarmio platform, and displayed on your player profile for the world to see.

128 Tick Servers

Swarmio’s lagless infrastructure uses only the best 128 Tick Servers to get the closest experience to a LAN tournament possible.

Lag Optimization

Swarmio’s lagless infrastructure is built on our system of high-performance game servers, private fiber lines, and geolocated algorithm. Our proprietary algorithm captures the location of all players, and spins the game instance on the most centralized server within our infrastructure, to give players the most balanced gaming experience possible.

Custom Built Anti-Cheat Measures

Our combination of anti-cheat software, player reporting, and post game analysis from professional CSGO players insures all competitors are on an even-playing field.

Map Selection and Server Customization

Create your dedicated CSGO server on the fly. Choose your maps, number of players, bots and difficulties, and invite friends to your custom built CSGO server.

Weekly Prize Giveaways

Participate in free and paid tournaments with prize pools awarded to the winning team. Create your own tournaments with registrations fees and prize pools and participate in Swarmio’s profit sharing tournament system.

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